Channelled Writing

Meditation I AM

Get someone to read this to you , or record for yourself. Speak slowly and allow a breath between the sentences. Take a deep breath. In your next breath, allow yourself to come into this moment where yesterday, today, and tomorrow disappear. In this moment, there is...

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You Have Choices

When your heart expands, you feel joy because you are resonating with the truth of who you are. State this as your truth and call it into your energy field. I AM, all that I AM—powerful words indeed, because this acknowledges the God force within you. It also...

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Meditation- Cave of Creation

  Get someone to read this to you, or record it. Take a deep breath and breathe in Love....self-love.... divine love... the infinite love of the I AM... breathe out ...release all that does not serve you...allow your energy to be crystalline and you...

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Creating Energetically

I make heart connection to all those who make heart connection to me I share my love and light with them as they share theirs with me. Welcome Dear One we are with you today and send you our love and blessings, and we want this to sink into your persona that you are...

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