I make heart connection to all those who make heart connection to me I share my love and light with them as they share theirs with me.

Welcome Dear One we are with you today and send you our love and blessings, and we want this to sink into your persona that you are worthy of love and blessings. Come sit in your sacred place, create space for yourself just to breathe and be. When you are in this place you have access to the answers. You have the access to the depth and breadth of wisdom and experience. So, go deep beneath the surface. For on the surface you will just flap around and your energy will be very disconnected, and you will be at the whims of the external world.

Come sit and go deeper Dear One go deeper… go deeper, go the very depths of who you are. Sit in the sacred place which only you know about. As you come into this place the outside world disappears. Sit there in the womb taking in the love and nourishment, be nurtured. Allow yourself to grow and expand in an extremely loving environment.

Allow yourself to expand through the top of your head, connecting to your higher energy, to your higher vibrations. Allow your crown chakra to be open and connected to the universe and the greater aspects of who you are. Allow your pineal to be open to receive clarity and wisdom, allow knowledge to have free reign and free access. As these two streams of light and energy, one form the crown charka and one from the pineal allow them to come down to the sacred place. They also love you and nurture you, bring you joy and expansion.

You feel your eyes start to shine for this is the energy that you are projecting into the world. Feel another stream of light enter your mouth, this is your breath. This is where your words are spoken. You see your mouth in a beautiful light so the words you speak are of high vibration, the breath that you take in is life affirming.

Connect within the heart centre allow all of your worries and disappointments to disappear. Open your heart centre and connect with all those who are connecting with whether they be friends, family, future clients, complete strangers, whether they be physical or non-physical allow yourself to be receptive to the new people and ideas coming into your life. You feel this loop back on itself, as you give to them they give you, you project love, you project light, you bring out the best in them.

Go deeper… go deeper…go deeper connect within your creative centre allow the light to shine out of your belly button. Allow it to connect horizontally to everything that is in your energetic field, people, nature, animals. Allow the creative ideas to come into your space, allow yourself to be connected on very deep levels. Now bring this energy down from your creative centre the deepest part of who you are, allow it to come down through your feet and connect to Gaia, connect to the planetary magnetics, symbols and sacred geometry within the nature, whatever has life-force in it connect to it.

Feel the light come out of your back, and form a bubble around you, a bubble of love, of light, of peace, of joy, this is the energy you are now sitting within. It is the energy that brings peace, wisdom and knowing, it is an energy that loves you and nurtures you, allows you to expand into joy and abundance.

From this space let us create your new life. Let us speak into the energy of who you are. See in your mind’s eye you doing whatever brings you the most joy. In fact, it is so easy and natural it is an extension of you. When you are doing things that you love to do you are in the high vibration of the energy of love, light and peace, this will shine through you and will resonate with other people who will buy your products and services.

You are earning money by your own efforts and rightfully so. You have talents and abilities you exchange for money which is the medium of energy exchange on this planet. You pay for the goods and services you want, others will pay you for the goods and services they want, you will tailor it to their specific needs and interest. Success will build upon success.

Take the time and connect to the deepest part of you, until you can feel changes solidify within your own energy that you are this without any doubts in your mind. You know you are very capable Dear Heart, it is time for you to move forward. Yes, the releasing years have been hard. We want you to release everything because they are no longer your stories, they no longer belong to the new version of who you are. They can no longer vibrate in the energy of who and what you are now vibrating at.

Use this time to step away. Get rid of things which no longer serve you. Use this as an emotional metaphor as well. Draw a physical line in the sand, and say “from this point onwards I now walk away from everything which no longer serves me. I walk away from the old energy, the old stories, my transition is now complete. As I step across the line I do not look back for there is nothing to look back to or for this is no longer who I am. Step away and start walking, as you start walking start affirming your new life. I am a …. I am a … I AM, I AM, I AM and so be it. This will complete the shift within you Dear Heart as you move forward you will gather the momentum, you will create people in your reality that resonate to you. It is time to be joyful. It is time to be happy so create this as your energy and it will be so. Namaste, our darling Namaste.