When your heart expands, you feel joy because you are resonating with the truth of who you are. State this as your truth and call it into your energy field. I AM, all that I AM—powerful words indeed, because this acknowledges the God force within you. It also acknowledges the energy that is you, that has been you for aeons of time, and that will continue long after this physical body has taken her or his last breath.

Everything you have experienced is still in your cellular memory. Once you recognise yourself as energy—that you always have been and always will be—if you are stuck or there are obstacles in your way, in your energetic experience, you have overcome this. You can call upon the wisdom or learning from that experience in this moment to help you deal with any situation or scenario. You can now approach the situation differently because you have a new perspective.

You are one with your foot on the accelerator, so you get to choose. Does this happen quickly? Do I choose to take the scenic route and stop and savour the journey along the way? Or do I choose to shift into new mindsets and paradigms and do things that I do not even have a reference point for and that are outside my comfort zone of what I consider my normal reality today? The answer, Dear Heart, is that you will probably want to do both; neither is right or wrong; it just is. That is the joy and exhilaration of having the choice: you know that you are creating this reality and calling it into being by giving energy to it.

Allow yourself the pleasure of seeing how your journey unfolds before you. As a higher soul, you have put both pleasant surprises and challenges on your path. One will encourage you, make you eager for more, give you the stimulus of overcoming adversities, and push you to grow in ways you may not think possible. Once you have found creative solutions to your problems, this will give you knowledge and wisdom when dealing with other situations and scenarios.

When you vibrate at a high rate, your whole persona changes. It is like the teenager putting away childish toys that have been constant companions for years, but the teenager knows that they have long since outgrown these toys and they no longer resonate with them. They may love them and cherish them as treasured memories, but that is not who they are now. They also know that if they want to expand, they must bring new experiences into their lives, broaden their horizons, and expand their thinking to accommodate this.

To transform into the person you wish to become, you have to transition from the old belief systems. Make choices that serve you and resonate with the highest version of you. Choices that will bring your future potential into this moment because those potentials have been there all along. You then reach a stage of maturity and wisdom where, if you wish to reach out and take it by the hand, you can call it into your energy and make it your own.

Your energy will continue to shift, change, and morph into a more expanded version of who you are with the flow of the energy. Because this is the energy that you most prefer, you will come into the peace and balance of who you are. This is stabilising and harmonising; it does not create stress mentally, emotionally, or physically. It is just a joyful continuum, a continuous unfolding of how you wish to experience this life.

Realise that you actually have choices. In most other lives, you did not have the freedom of choice; you basically led the life that you were born into. (From a higher perspective, of course, you get to make the choice of your incarnation, but when you are living in a human body, you have no awareness of this.) Once you are established, your world becomes very narrow and specialised, as most other choices are closed to you.

This is the time in your life where you get to deliberately pick and choose what you prefer. There are no right or wrong choices; only experiences matter. Follow your joy and excitement, because this is how you connect to yourself and your soul. You have created this life for a reason and purpose that are unique to you and no one else. Be the deliberate creator, because you are saying yes to your life. Do something because you enjoy doing it, or because it stimulates and piques your curiosity.