Get someone to read this to you , or record for yourself. Speak slowly and allow a breath between the sentences.

Take a deep breath. In your next breath, allow yourself to come into this moment where yesterday, today, and tomorrow disappear. In this moment, there is nothing to worry about, nothing to concern yourself with. Drop into your sacred heart space of all that you are and all that you will be. Invite your guides in. Feel the love they have for you. Allow this to imbue you, saturate you, and penetrate to the very core of your being. Allow this love—self-love, divine love, and the infinite love of all that you are. Breathe into this, for it will create balance. Connect with Gaia and ground your energy deep within the physicality of this planet. Allow the love to expand… until it embraces all that you are physically… all your energy bodies… all that you are through your DNA and… your Akash… Allow this to ripple outwards until it penetrates every aspect of who you are: physical, non-physical, this life, other lives, existence in other realms and realities.

Sit within the knowing of this space, within the I AM of the I AM. In this moment in time, you are all that there is, all that there will be, and all that has been. Breathe this in as your energetic signature; breathe this into your very core; and breathe this into the essence of who you are. You know you are more than the physical; you know you are more than this human experience. It is within this human experience that you call yourself. The crosshairs of time and space meet in this now moment, in this consciousness, in this body. You are the centre point between realities. You exist between the inhalation and the exhalation, between life and death, between physical and non-physical, for it is in this place of the void of nothing and everything that all is created. Let us take a moment to concentrate on who you are, why you are here in this moment that makes up the human experience you call you. What are you expanding into? What are you creating for yourself?

It is not external but internal. It is already there. So, take your hand and reach for it. Take it off the shelf. You do not have to jump through elaborate hoops. Bring this into being through your thoughts and emotions. Give it energy and bring it into manifestation. Truly step into the energy of who you are. Allow the petty doubts, fears, and consequences to fade into the background. Stand front and centre in your life. Stand in your full magnificence and radiance. Acknowledge your gifts, acknowledge your talents, and have a depth of wisdom that you have carried with you from life to life. Sit in the energy of all that you are and all that you are creating until it is the most tangible thing in your reality.


 Have a stretch, take a deep breath. Come back to this present moment.


 Go and have a drink of water for this is the universal conductor.