With energy healing, the facilitator, as no one can heal in the experience of another, steps aside and allows their guides (and the guides of the person on the table) to work with them and through them, allowing the energy to flow wherever it needs to go, activating what is their intention to be activated. Everything must be done with full and expressed permission, as one cannot invade the energetic space of another.

Yes, energy healing can indeed be of great benefit to someone. It works with the intention and alignment with your higher self and the God force, or Universe. You may not understand physically what happens, but on a deep spiritual and energetic level, much is accomplished. It is possible to clean away lifetimes of debris, deep-rooted fears, and belief systems, but it would take much energy and persistence to do it the conventional way.

When the healing facilitator comes without ego, is in service to others, and is working in the highest vibration of love and integrity, then she or he can help activate everything that their client has asked for as part of their intention. This information then gets recorded in their Akashic record and DNA, and the cell structure will change, so each time a new cell is formed, it will carry this information. Some people may remember who they are as souls and tap into ‘past life memories’ and between life memories and memories of themselves entirely as energy beings. This helps tremendously to help them deal with physical ailments and life issues.

Some of these energies and changes will be subtle, and some will be life-changing, but there is no need to create drama around them. How does intention work? Whatever someone focuses their attention or energy on becomes the vibration that manifests in their life. Do they have to keep coming back to create a new intention? No, because in their energetic healing, they have given themselves full permission to express who they are, and this will carry on for as long as they wish it to.

You cannot rationalise energy healing because every illness or disease is mainly caused by emotions. Your physical body stores and carries old baggage of abandonment, rejection, abuse, stress, anger, guilt, shame, etc. This creates discord within your energy field. The more you can embrace with love and forgive all those who have hurt you, in whatever way, You can then integrate these aspects into your being; you feel whole and complete, and then healing can take place.

Most people who visit a healing facilitator are ready to make big life changes because their old ways aren’t working anymore. Experienced, competent, and authentic healing facilitators have spent many years connecting with high-vibrational healing guides and teachers, and it is very easy to see or feel where their clients energy is flowing. Energy healing facilitators don’t have the magic wand; however, they help their clients move through old energy and belief systems that are holding them back and give them tools and techniques to assist them in connecting with their own guidance or higher self and co-creating with Divine Source, to be truly the person that they wish to be, and to bring about what they have given intention for.