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My joy and excitement is Conscious Energy Healing Facilitation. I have a natural gift of being able to sense people’s energy where it is flowing and where it is blocked. I intuitively receive information and messages that are relevant to you.

Conscious Energy Healing is claimed at the level of the Divine Self, therefore goes well beyond the physical, logical, and rational mind of human thinking and understanding. We are all souls having a human experience, not the other way around. We are not a collection of body parts, but whole beings with physical and non-physical aspects. Conscious Energy Healing works on the premise that we are soul, mind and body working together in unison.

We are energy. We are all connected to Source, this is your life force. Your energy is made up of your thoughts, feeling, emotions and intentions. Each person has their own signature energy frequency, vibration and information, reflecting what they believe to be true and what they have experienced in their life. An energy healing facilitator has trained or has a natural ability to tune into another person’s energy field, sometimes on quantum and multi-dimensional levels.

When you feel Stress = distress. Unease = dis-ease, this gets stored in your body and your energy gets blocked, causing pain in your body and your health will decline. When these are in balance and harmony, then the physical body is healthy and vibrant and rarely sick. Safely and gently energy healing allows you to connect to your  higher self and wisdom. Your healing experience could be life-changing, as it will help you in every aspect of your life. As you release old energy, you will feel expansive and energetic, start to think and feel differently and feel relief from pain and illness. You will feel more joy and happiness in your life.


Sessions normally last an hour and cost $120


 I was in a great deal of pain and discomfort, and although Verna is a personal friend and I absolutely trust in her, I still found it hard to believe that when she offered me a healing, it would take the pain away. The healing itself was amazing and I could literally feel my body responding, but what happened afterwards was incredible. I truly found 90% of the pain gone altogether and as a result I felt fantastic both physically and emotionally!


Fabulous session on the table!! I feel wonderful today, and really excited about the future!


Thank you for the beautiful healing, Verna. I could feel your energy and see colours.


energy healing

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